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Affordable Carpeting & Plush Floors

Spread warmth, comfort, and quiet enjoyment throughout your home or business when you install carpeting from Winchester Flooring in Winchester, Virginia. Carpet is popular and affordable and comes in many styles, textures, patterns and price points. We are certain to have an option available to meet your exact needs. In addition, you can count on Winchester Flooring to help you evaluate important factors and determine which options will work best for your home or business.

Plush Carpet

Plush Carpet — Flooring in Winchester, VA
For a busy household, plush carpet is a great way to hide footprints and vacuum marks. This cut-pile option is decorative and versatile, and even looks great between vacuuming.

Saxony Carpet

Saxony Carpet — Flooring in Winchester, VA
Saxony carpet is characterized by its refined cut-pile surface and soft finish that shows subtle highlights and accents. It works well with traditional interiors, including living and dining areas.

Berber Loop Carpet

Berber Loop Carpet — Flooring in Winchester, VA
With a wool-like look and a rugged loop surface, this carpet choice fits in any room. Its tight-look texture helps hide footprints and vacuum marks.

Berber Cut-Pile Carpet

Berber Cut-Pile Carpet — Flooring in Winchester, VA
Enjoy a new look to classic Berber carpet with this stunning option. Cut-Pile has more colors than its traditional counterpart, and it incorporates the feel of plush carpet. Color flecks help conceal soil and stains between cleanings.

Cut/Loop Carpet

Cut/Loop Carpet — Flooring in Winchester, VA
Spice up your floor surfaces with the accent colors of our cut/loop carpet. With its carved definition and multicolor effects, your carpet will hide soil and stains and look great between vacuuming.

Commercial Carpet

Commercial Carpet — Flooring in Winchester, VA
When your need something a bit more durable for your business, commercial loop carpeting is for you. Our versatile styles blend with any décor, including professional and practical locations. Textured surfaces provide subtle highlights, and its long wearing surface is engineered for high-traffic areas.
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